Sitemap - 2013 - Superpowers for Good

Ready And Wrestless, My Experience With Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake: Then And Now

Pilot Light Foundation Lifts Batwa; See How You Can Help

The “Touristification” of Education

Estas en mi Corazón

Anti-Trafficking Trio Share Passion For Freedom

ECPAT Battles Human Trafficking Around The World; How You Can, Too

Amway One by One: Losing Control

Matthew Lesko Shares Insights On Grants For Nonprofits Live

Two SF Bay Area Women Meet on a Jungle Hike in Singapore and Reinvent Themselves

Clean water: A Matter Of Life Or Death

Philips Selects Revolutionary Intravenous Solution as Winner in Innovation Fellows Competition for its Potential To Save Millions of Lives

Giving to Create a Better World

Guest Post: The Miracle Foundation

‘Best Mutual Fund Manager Ever’ Shares Insights On Philanthropy Live

Entrepreneur Makes Time To Give Back And Still Be Successful

Live With Jimmy Lin Of Rare Genomics Institute

Dean Kamen: We Can Solve Big Problems With Technology

Authors: Social Entrepreneurship At Scale The Solution To Global Poverty

Blind Philanthropist Says Cure For Blindness Is In Sight


Tuesday December 10, 2013


Tune In: Impact Hub Global Hangout


Tune In To The CrowdFunding World Summit

Friday December 06, 2013

Thirty Years To Peace

Towards an Open Defecation Free Society

InspiREAD: Meet Aziza Kibibi – a mother, a survivor and an inspiration!

Live Discussion About Email Marketing For Nonprofits

Using Text Reminders to Help Students Achieve

Sevamob Transforms Healthcare For Low-income Consumers In India

Improving The Indian Rural Dairy Industry With Solar Energy Access

A Clarion Call for Nutritious Children’s Entertainment

Products That Support The Producers

Project Picnic: How to Engage Your Employees to Create a Meaningful CSR Activity

Do you have the next big idea? Get your prototype built for free!

JB Dondolo – Everyone deserves a chance to have a better life

Why Shared Giving Matters

Tuesday November 26, 2013

Social Entrepreneur Shares Her Story Live

Three Young Entrepreneurs Fighting Poverty Have Big Impact

Impact Hub Movement Growing Worldwide

The Cellular Connection Spreading A “Culture Of Good”

Scooting To Sustainability (And Fun!)

Entrepreneur Shares Inspiration For Launch Of Oliberté

Ballistic Donates $2 Million Of Product To Volunteer Firefighters

Bookmarking The Future

Free Crowdfunding Training In Utah From The Author Of Crowdfunding For Social Good

The Lab In Sandy Utah To Provide Collaboration And Co-working Space For Social Entrepreneurs

Global Forum Puts Dialogue on International Interreligious and Intercultural Education Agenda

Making a Sustainable Mark on the World

Social Entrepreneurs Seek To Save Lives Through Fashion

The Story of an Unlikely Food Entrepreneur

First Hand Report From The Philippines

Stupid Cancer Crowdfunds for App to End Isolation

‘What We Carry’ Vid From The Global Fund For Women

World’s First Crowdfunding Challenge Empowers Kids to Take the Lead

Soroptimist International of the Americas: A Model for Success

‘The Most Successful Football Play Of All Time’

Imagine Launching An Independent Radio Station In A Place Without One

Mountain Money – November 4, 2013

Piggybackr Challenges 1 Million Young People to Lead

Fuse To Provide Powerful Tool For Reducing Driving

Audra Fordin Is Out To Change The Auto Repair Industry–And She Just Might Get It Done

Live Interview With Hanna Aase Of Wonderloop

Grounded in Action: Leveraging Conferences & Events for Social Impact

Measuring Success By The Smile: Headbands of Hope

Fast-Growing Company Increases Sustainability And Gives Back

Social Impact Through Crowd Sourcing and Big Data: A Workshop

Gate Global Impact Partners With U.N. To Capitalize Social Entrepreneurs

New Logo; Same Mission

Nika Water Seeks To End Poverty One Bottle At A Time

The Power of Social Capital

Crowdfunding Exemption Promises To Fuel Small Businesses

Grand Challenge: A Marriage of Mission and Message

Spreading Good “Karma” to 88 Million, One Consumer At A Time

It’s Time to Change Giving For Good

Building a Community of Care and Connection Around Social Good

Free Financial Mastery Program

David Driggs Helps Nonprofits Succeed; Tune In to Learn How

Triple Crown Swimmer Raises $10,000 for the American Heart Association

Live Interview with Think Good Founder Ann-Marie Bland

Cima Coffee Farms Brings ‘Socially Sustainable’ Coffee To Market–And You Can Buy a Piece of the Rock

Locally Grown, Locally Made, Locally Changed

Live Interview with Joy Case, Crowdfunder and Social Entrepreneur

‘Disempowered’ Leader Overcomes Desire to ‘Give Up’

Who are the world’s big players solving big problems?

Hedge Fund Trader Turned Social Entrepreneur Raises $2 Million For Kids’ Cancer

Monday October 07, 2013

What’s The Biggest One–For–One Item Yet? Hint: It’s Bigger than You Think

SECFC13 Highlights Potential Impact of Crowdfunding

The Van Squigglebottomses’s Mark on the World

Mayer Dahan’s Mark on the World

Learn, Earn And Return: The New Face Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving It Away–How Philanthropy Can Beat Paid Advertising

We’re Eager To Help! Here’s How

Runa, Fair Trade Authenticated

Advocating for a Small Population Cancer at BCAN – the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

Archie Panjabi Of 'The Good Wife' Says Rotary Is 'This Close' To Ending Polio

Report Authors Share Impact Investing Highlights Live

Luke Peterson From UVU Visits With Me Live To Discuss Social Entrepreneurship

The Red Fred Project To Bring Relief To Sick Kids

Crowdsourcing For Social Good

Investor/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist Shares Insights Live

A Glimpse Into the Works of Team IMPACT

“Each year globally, 12.7 million people learn they have cancer, and 7.6 million people die from the disease.” – Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

Brad Bertoch Speaks About Grown Up Entrepreneurship

GradTrain: A Social Impact Startup for International Education

Music Fans and Budweiser Make a Splash by Cleaning 20 of America’s Rivers and Lakes

Live Discussion with SocialGood.TV founder Stephen Vogelpohl

Live With Ballard Center’s Todd Manwaring

Live Discussion with Ted McAleer About USTAR’s Community Building

Making a positive mark on the world by doing good

Richard Swart of UC Berkeley to Speak at SECFC13

Self-Reliance Is Key To Social Impact, Professor Says

Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund Is Connecting Social Entrepreneurs And Impact Investors

Sang Lee Explains Equity Crowdfunding For Social Impact

Our space for your story

CrowdFundBeat Founder To Speak At SECFC13

Inaugural Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference at Snowbird, September 27, 2013

Doug Hansen, Partner at Tanner, LLC, Live!

Fraser Nelson of the Community Foundation of Utah LIve!

Amway, GM And Dollar General Among Corporations Making ‘Good’ A Goal

What do you do with 75 mega-geniuses under 20 years old?

Socks that Start Businesses

Free Download of My New Book, Crowdfunding for Social Good

Should Americans Be Allowed To ‘Opt Out’ Of The Internet?

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Seeking $100 Million Of Social Impact Through Investments

How One Woman is Changing Children’s Lives in Cambodia by Jamie Amelio

Creating Change in Haiti

The Leap Year Project

RedCapes Interview Features Passion For Having Social Impact

Live Interview From Africa To Prepare For World Lion Day

Fundly CEO David Boyce Describes Best Practices for Social Crowdfunders

Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Scientist, Philanthropist George Mitchell Remembered

The Global Fund Is Financing The Fight Against AIDS, TB And Malaria

One BILLION toothbrushes, which take HUNDREDS OF YEARS to decompose, end up in landfills EVERY YEAR!

I’d Like to Buy the World a Musical Contest

Thank You So Much!

West Virginia Nonprofit Reaches Out To Educate Girls In African Refugee Camps

True Global Ties: UCLA Student Offers a Simple but Powerful Concept to Change the World in a Small Way: Buy a Bracelet

The Power Of Crowdfunding For Social Good

Invisible Children LIvecast Of The Fourth Estate Leadership Summit

Embrace: Healing Our Heroes’ Homes

I’ll Be Training on Crowdfunding In Dallas; Join Me!

Go Green with eBilling: Five Tips to Make It Happen

Volunteer Launches Business To Help Kenya

Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference September 27, 2013 at Snowbird

Author David Williams Explains Radical New Management Paradigm Tested In A Fishbowl

Solving Energy Poverty through participatory finance.

MoolaHoop Launches with Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Women War Survivors

Crowdfunding For Social Good: My Interview With Richard Bliss

Make A Stand Lemonade Launched In Retail


Mormon Ties Tie Business To Missionary Service For Social Good

The Crowd Fallacy

Help Inspire the Crowd for Social Good

Strengthening community starts with U.

Film Celebrating Girls From Around The World To Be Screened In SLC

JOBS ACT Title II for Accrediteds NOT MUCH HELP for Entrepreneurs

New Book: Crowdfunding for Social Good: Financing Your Mark on the World

No One Can Stop Me But Me!

The Challenge: Making Sobriety Cool

How to Drive Social Innovation through Startups

Kickstarter makes corporate investors build parks through online games

Changing the Way we Change the World

CarMax Foundation is Driving For Healthier Kids

New York’s Leading Pet Adoption Organization Bideawee Celebrates 110 Years

Vital Capital is Making an Impact in Angola

Vivienne: “I will end child slavery in my lifetime”

Off to Angola to See Some Good

Imprisoned Teacher Gains New Appreciation for Education; You Will, Too!

Tips for a Great Guest Post at Your Mark On The World

Savii Helps Clients Save Money and Save the World At the Same Time

Join a Mob of Hope for Oklahoma: Donate to Tornado Victims on HopeMob

Your mark on the community: Lending to local businesses

Milken Institute Global Conference: Personal Highlights

Utahn Devotes Himself to Serving Uganda

What is Rotary? I’ll tell you this: no funny hats

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding”

No More Hurting People: Peace

Booted from the homeless shelter; homeless guy’s life on the streets

Monday April 08, 2013

Could I ask you to give $17 to cure childhood cancer for Ike’s sake?

Live Interview on Forbes: Report, Your Feedback Needed

Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunding April 4th and 5th; Be There

Your $20 could be a critical part of more than $1 million

Winners Announced: World’s Greatest Small Social Entrepreneurs Recognized

Are you willing to take the Your Mark on the World Pledge?

“Hand Up” Voting Ends; Suspense Builds for Announcement

Crowdfunding Workshops Proving to Be Popular Success

Everyone needs a hand up once in a while

Crowdfunding Workshop Report

Join me for free crowdfunding training

Big News: Another $500 for the Hand Up for Social Good

Thursday February 14, 2013

Monday February 11, 2013

Honorable Mentions for the Hand Up for Social Good Award

Hand Up for Social Good Award Ballot

Monday February 04, 2013

Thursday January 31, 2013

Continuing research regarding crowdfunding for social entrepreneurs

Be Sure to Apply for the $1,000 “Hand Up for Social Good Award” Before Midnight on January 31, 2013

Empowering Your Best Self

Love UT Give UT: Biggest Crowdfunding Event in Utah’s History

Crowdfunding is empowering more social good

Do you know someone who deserves $1,000?

Hand Up for Social Good Award