Sitemap - 2020 - Superpowers for Good

Jennifer Fresques Explains the Role & Significance of the County Assessor - #plugintodevin

UT Physicians for a Healthy Environment Founder On Opening Schools - #plugintodevin

UT House Candidate Sam Winkler On Growth: Pollution, Traffic, Overpopulation - #plugintodevin

How We Can Make People's Voices Heard in Utah by Suzanne Harrison - #plugintodevin

Tim Chambless: Climate Change As A Common-Sense Issue - #plugintodevin

Doug Owens Talks Bipartisanship, Outdoor Recreation Economy

UT HD-14 Candidate Olivia Jaramillo Talks Economic Challenges to the Middle Class - #plugintodevin

Hear This 10-year-old's "Project Empathy" and How He's Making a Difference! - #plugintodevin

Kevin Perez on UT County Democrats' Vision: Caucuses, Dem Victory, and Involvement - #plugintodevin

Salt Lake Democratic Party Chair On Voter Education

Democrats CAN win in Utah -- Chris Peterson & Karina Brown -- #plugintodevin

Environmental Caucus Chair Alan Naumann On Utah Air - #plugintodevin

UT Rep Brian King Discusses Public Education, Clean Air, Economics, and Health Care - #plugintodevin

Cities4Peace Founder On Nonviolence & Social Justice - #plugintodevin

Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources Exec & Pacific Island Heritage Month - #plugintodevin

National Geographic Educator in Lehi: Utah's Decimated Monarch Butterfly Population - #plugintodevin

Utah House Rep Talks Intergenerational Poverty & Racial Bias - #plugintodevin

Alex Miles, DACA, and the Need For Paths to Citizenship

LGBTQ+ Activist Jacob Dunford Talks Suicide Prevention & Mental Health - #plugintodevin

"You Do Not Have to Have a College Degree to Be Successful" -- Sydne Jacques - #plugintodevin

Katy Owens & Community-Based View of Health - #plugintodevin

Twin Rocks Trading Post & Cafe Owner On Business in Rural Utah - #plugintodevin

UT State Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne On Worker Rights & Safety - #plugintodevin

James and Colleen Copple On Police Unions & Militarization - #blacklivesmatter

BYU Student Leader on Measuring Social Impact - #plugintodevin

Colleen & Jim Copple on George Floyd and Nathan Lyday

Babs Isak On Water Infrastructure in the Navajo Nation

Dave Bierschied on Political Representation in National Politics

Karina Brown Joins Me to Thank Those Who Helped the Navajo - #plugintodevin

How You Can Help the Navajo Nation Today

Utah Democratic Party Chair On Bipartisanship & Democratic Values in Utah

UT Congressional Candidate & Shoshone Nation Ex-Chairman on COVID-19's Impacts on Native Americans

SLC Council Member Talks About the Climate Positive 2040 Plan, Renewable Energy, & Environmentalism

Cheryl Butler Discusses COVID-19: Masks, Testing, and Community Service

UT Rep Jennifer Daily-Provost Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic

UT Rep Carol Moss and I Talk About Public Schools

Crowdfunding Expert Discusses Options for Small Businesses - #plugintodevin

Kiyan Banuri & Being Muslim During COVID - #plugintodevin

Philippe & Ashlan Cousteu Discuss Climate Change - #plugintodevin

Scott Howell Discusses Education & Healthcare - #plugintodevin

Town Hall

Karina Brown Discusses Healthcare Solutions - #plugintodevin

This Utah Company Is Using Technology to Recycle Plastic - #plugintodevin

Jamie Cheek & I Discuss Healthcare

UT CD-3 Candidate Jared Anderson Discusses Poverty & Solutions

Jazmin May Discusses The Need For Equal Opportunities For DREAMers & More

Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign CEO Discusses Developmental Issues ie School Renovation and Literacy

UT House Candidate Lynette Wendel Discusses Volunteer Work During COVID-19

Greg Skordas Discusses the Need For a New Attorney General Leadership

Utah Governor Candidate Chris Peterson & I Discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shannon Miller Cox Discusses the School to Prison Pipeline, Gendered Violence, & Other Issues

Humanitarian Heidi Totten Discusses Solutions To Global Hunger

Howard Leonhardt Talks About Organ Repair Research & Other Medical Innovations

Teen Political Activist Isaac Nuttall and I Discuss Voter Participation, and Other Issues

Wendy Davis and I Discuss Affordable Housing

Nate Blouin Discusses Regional Energy Markets & Regional Energy - #plugintodevin

Jeff Silvestrini and I Discuss Growth, Redevelopment, & Utah's Growing Population - #plugintodevin

Misty Frost Discusses The Need for More Health Care Workers - #plugintodevin

Crowdfunding Expert Jenny Kassan Gives Advice to Businessowners - #plugintodevin

House Candidate Gay Lynn Bennion Advocates For Better Education Funding - #plugintodevin

Women Advocating for Disable Rights in Utah - #plugintodevin

Meet the Democratic Women of Utah County - #plugintodevin

This Utah Entrepreneur Is Building a Team to Support SBA Disaster Assistance - #plugintodevin

County Council Candidate Aaron Dekeyzer Talks Dark Skies - #plugintodevin

Data Scientist Dayton Thorpe Comments on COVID-19 - #plugintodevin

Candidate Daisy Thomas Says Coronavirus Highlights Need For Improved Health Care — #plugintodevin

Musician Kurt Bestor Talks About Health Care for the Gig Economy — #plugintodevin

Campaign Manager Angela Krull Flips the Script — #plugintodevin