Apr 22, 2020 • 9M

Shannon Miller Cox Discusses the School to Prison Pipeline, Gendered Violence, & Other Issues

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Devin Thorpe
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress Guest: Shannon Miller Cox Issue: Trauma (ACE) Responsive and Informed Services I am a survivor but I have white privilege, I come from having every opportunity to pick myself up and thrive! Private insurance, safe supportive family, never falling so far down that I suffered for very long. My women don't have this experience! We need to recognize the underlying Trauma issues inn this community if we are ever going to really deal with our Suicide rates and our addiction rates! Bio: I am the Executive Director and Founder of Journey of Hope started 6 years ago after retiring from Law Enforcement. A survivor of sexual assault, I believed wearing a gun would protect me from further harm; what I found were thousands of victims suffering in Poverty, Addiction, Mental Illness, and anv intersection of crushing systems of oppression. In this space I found my calling on this Earth, to use my privilege, my survival to help others find their Journey of Hope! Website: www.JourneyOfHopeUtah.org Facebook: @JourneyOfHopeUtah Linkedin: LinkedIn.com/in/ShannonCox Photo credit: Journey of Hope #plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol