May 13, 2020 • 10M

UT Rep Carol Moss and I Talk About Public Schools

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Devin Thorpe
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress Guest: Carol Spackman Moss Office Held: State Representative Office Sought: State Representative Issue: Good public schools. I spent most of my life as an educator in the community I represent, my daughter teaches at Skyline, where many of my constituents’ children attend. My community expects me to be an advocate for our public schools and frequently contact me about issues affecting their children. That is a big part of my responsibility to my constituents, to be their advocate. Bio: Before I was elected to the Utah House of Representatives, I had a wonderful, rewarding career for 33 years teaching English and student government at Olympus High School. My decision to run for office was prompted by the negative attitude my then representative had toward public education and teachers, whom he called “a bunch of whiners,” when we went on strike for higher salaries and smaller class sizes. I defeated him in 2000 and am now running for my 11th term. Besides education, I have focused in recent years on passing legislation addressing the opioid epidemic, mental health issues, prison and jail reform, clean air, refugees, and driving safety. I have served as a board member on many non-profits, all of which focus on children and social justice issues.For many years, I have served in leadership positions in my caucus. Currently, I am House Minority Whip. My husband Bob and I have five children and six grandchildren. We love to travel and have been to many fascinating countries, some we have visited as part of humanitarian missions. I love to read, walk, spend time with family, and yes, I love my job, and believe holding public office is a privilege, one I take very seriously. Representing my constituents in District 37, Holladay and Murray, two great cities, is a great pleasure and honor. Website: Twitter: @RepCarolMoss Facebook: Carol Spackman Moss and Representative CarolSpackman Moss #plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol