Mar 31, 2020 • 9M

Musician Kurt Bestor Talks About Health Care for the Gig Economy — #plugintodevin

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Guest: Kurt Bestor Office Held: National Delegate for Obama 2008 Issue: Health Care As a free-lance musician, I have no employer and health insurance is very expensive. There was a time in my life when I COULDN'T get health insurance (because I had two children with Spina Bifida). I made too much money to get Medicaid or other help while not making enough to pay for expensive medical specialists out of pocket. No insurance companies would cover my family due to the cost of the kids' care. Talk about medical care "no man's land!" I have LONG been a fan of taking the profit margin out of health care. R & D is one thing, but the profane world that health insurance and hospital monopolies have created need to be curtailed. A version of a one-payer system is a good place to start. This would cover all Americans for basic health care. Of course, like in Canada and the UK, one can always pay for luxury care or nicer hospital digs, but EVERY American should have the constitutional promise of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Sounds like good health to me! Bio: Kurt Bestor, an Emmy-Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer, is known for the incredible range of musical genres in which he excels. From his full orchestral film scores for IMAX movies like Great American West and Sedona to cutting edge synth compositions for television shows and video games, there's virtually no style he hasn't composed. Bestor's music is played by orchestras, bands, and singers the world over. His popular anthem "Prayer of the Children" is still one of the most sung choir songs in the world and is currently being covered by American Idol finalist David Archuleta and the iconic rock group Three Dog Night. When not composing, Bestor performs his traditional holiday show to sold-out audiences in the Intermountain West and his classical compositions and orchestral pops shows with various orchestras throughout the world. He and his wife, Petrina, and daughter Ella make their home in the mountains of Utah. Website: Twitter: @kbestor Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: @kbestor