Aug 13, 2020

Jennifer Fresques Explains the Role & Significance of the County Assessor - #plugintodevin

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Devin Thorpe
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress Guest: Jennifer Fresques Office Sought: Salt Lake County Assessor Issue: Most people don't know what the Assessor does or who the current Assessor is. One of my goals would be to change that, to make the office more accessible to the public. The Assessor's office has struggled to retain and attract experts in our field. This makes valuation more difficult. It also makes it more difficult for us to hold the valuations on higher valued properties which could result in undue burden on all others. Unfortunately, because people don't understand the role of the Assessor, they often don't really care who runs the office. This makes running for this office difficult. The Assessor plays an integral role in running the office as well as with the public. Within our office there is a desperate need for positive changes. The public needs to understand that without the right leadership, they will be affected. Customer service may suffer and the values may suffer. It's important to get the values correctly assessed in order to spread the tax burden equitably and without undue burden to our working class families. Bio: My name is Jennifer Fresques. My husband Rich and I have two incredible sons, a dog and a cat. We love spending time together as a family whether it’s watching a movie, playing board games or cards or having snowball fights. I love reading. I love laughing with my husband and kids. I am also passionate about surrogacy and our family was fortunate enough to be able to help three families grow when I was a surrogate for them. I have a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and I am a Certified General Appraiser. I have worked in the Salt Lake County Assessor’s office for 12 years. While in the Assessor’s office I have worked in various positions in the Commercial Department. I have been in leadership roles for several years now. I feel passionately about the work we do and about the people that I lead. My background in the county and in the Assessor’s office as well as my Certified General licensing makes me an excellent candidate for Salt Lake County Assessor. I have spent years observing the challenges in our office and speaking with my fellow employees about the issues they have in our office. I have striven to become a leader with an open door, ready to listen and always willing to advocate for our employees. I strongly believe the Assessor’s office needs fresh perspectives in management in order to make positive changes within the organization. The better our organization and the more effective and efficient our employees can become, the better our customer service and valuation can become. The closer the assessor’s office can get to the true fair market values of all properties, the better the tax burden can be fairly spread. My oath as a leader: I will lead with integrity and honesty. I will be the “fix it” leader who not only fixes things, but empowers others to fix things as well. I will set clear expectations and make certain that those expectations are clearly communicated to those I lead. I will provide the knowledge, tools and guidance to help build up those around me. I will strive for positive communication, transparency, consistency and competency. Website: Facebook: @jennifer4assessor Linkedin: Instagram: @jennifer4assessor #plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol