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Transforming Water Access: Pulling Water from Air

Discover How Cody Soodeen's Innovative Technology Pulls Drinking Water From Thin Air, Offering a Sustainable Future

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Devin: What is your superpower?

Cody: A lot of it comes down to just a high level of commitment to my ambitions and goals.

In today's episode of Superpowers for Good, I had the pleasure of speaking with Cody Soodeen, the visionary CEO & Founder of Kara Water Inc. Cody introduced us to a groundbreaking technology capable of extracting drinking water directly from the atmosphere—even in arid environments. His approach is not just revolutionary; it's a beacon of hope for sustainable water consumption globally.

Cody shared, "We take the air and make it into what I call locally sourced drinking water." This statement underscores the essence of Kara Water's mission—to innovate for accessibility and sustainability. The technology, according to Cody, is applicable even in desert climates, a testament to its versatility and potential to change lives.

The implications of this technology extend beyond mere convenience. As Cody explained, "It's not just about producing water; it's about reshaping how we think about water consumption." He emphasized that traditional methods, such as bottling and extensive transportation, are not only inefficient but environmentally detrimental. Cody’s solution offers a localized, eco-friendly alternative that could significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

One aspect that struck me about Cody's narrative was his background as an architect. He believes that his architectural insights have led to a consumer-friendly product design, distinguishing Kara Water from previous attempts by engineers focused solely on technical aspects. "Engineers think in squares, and architects think in circles," Cody noted, highlighting the importance of design in technology adoption.

Our discussion ventured into the broader social impacts of such technology. Cody passionately pointed out the alarming prevalence of microplastics in our environment and how technologies like his can play a crucial role in preventing these contaminants from entering our bodies from the start.

In a world increasingly aware of sustainability and health, the innovations presented by Cody through Kara Water Inc. are not just necessary; they are imperative. As we wrapped up the conversation, it was clear that he is not only a CEO but a pioneer advocating for a world where clean and sustainable water is not a luxury but a given. Today's episode wasn't just enlightening—it was a glimpse into a future where technology meets humanitarian needs head-on.

In our conversation today, Cody highlighted an exciting opportunity for listeners to engage with Kara Water beyond consumer interaction—through their regulated investment crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. 

He expressed his enthusiasm about giving both loyal customers and new supporters a chance to own a part of the company. This initiative not only aims to extend the reach of their innovative water technology but also strengthens community involvement in their mission to make locally sourced drinking water accessible globally. 

The campaign has already seen significant interest, reflecting confidence in Kara Water's potential and its impact on the future of sustainable water consumption. Cody invites everyone to visit to learn more about the offering and consider becoming a shareholder in a company poised to revolutionize how we access drinking water.

AI Episode Summary

1. Devin Thorpe introduces Cody Soodeen, CEO and co-founder of Kara Water, on the "Superpowers for Good" show for a discussion about the company's innovative technology that extracts water from the air.

2. Cody explains how Kara Water's technology works, even in desert climates, to create locally sourced drinking water, emphasizing the broad range of applications and the power of the technology.

3. A major differentiator for Kara Water is Cody's background in architecture, which brought a design-focused, consumer-oriented perspective compared to previous engineers who focused more on the technology aspect.

4. The social impact of Kara Water's technology includes raising awareness about microplastics found in traditional water sources, potentially leading to a transition toward responsible water-sourcing practices similar to the shift to electric vehicles.

5. Kara Water has a long-term vision to make its product more accessible to various communities, aiming to shift the industry from water transportation to decentralized, locally sourced water production.

6. The company ran a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine to allow supporters and consumers to invest in the business and be part of the mission to make locally sourced drinking water globally accessible.

7. Cody shares his perspective on the consumer impact of their technology, such as reducing the need for bottled water, which would contribute to the environment by eliminating transportation and packaging waste.

8. Cody recounts his background as an architect and his inspiration from nature, specifically the Namibian beetle that harvests water from the air, which led to the founding of Kara Water and the development of its technology.

9. Discussing his "superpower," Cody cites his unwavering commitment to his goals and ambitions, which kept him focused on Kara Water's mission despite challenges and moments of doubt.

10. Cody highlights the importance of remembering the company's mission and purpose, which should drive profit, encouraging to focus on making a difference rather than solely financial returns, and the significance of celebrating small wins along the journey.


How to Develop Unwavering Commitment As a Superpower

Cody’s superpower can be defined in three simple yet powerful words: unwavering commitment. This trait has not only driven his entrepreneurial journey but also defined the ethos of his innovative venture, Kara Water.

Unwavering commitment, as Cody described it, means sticking to one’s goals and ambitions despite the challenges and temptations to give up. For Cody, this has involved years of perseverance through uncertainties and significant personal sacrifices. His steadfast dedication stems from a deeply personal place—growing up with well water that adversely affected his family’s health. This personal experience fueled his drive to ensure others do not suffer similar hardships.

An illustrative story that captures Cody's superpower occurred right before the launch of Kara Water's Indiegogo campaign. Cody had left a comfortable and successful career in architecture to devote himself fully to Kara Water. Despite the high costs, both personally and professionally, he remained committed to his vision. A conversation with a close friend during a moment of doubt reminded him of the regret he would feel if he didn't see his mission through. This conversation reinvigorated his commitment, and shortly after, the crowdfunding campaign raised a significant amount of capital, reaffirming the potential of his innovative water technology.

To develop a superpower of unwavering commitment, Cody suggests:

1. Embrace the mission of your endeavor as a core part of your identity.

2. Recognize and accept the sacrifices that come with deep commitment.

3. Surround yourself with supportive people who remind you of your goals and the importance of your mission.

4. Celebrate small victories along the journey to maintain motivation.

By following Cody’s example and advice, you can make unwavering commitment a skill. With practice and effort, you could make it a superpower that enables you to do more good in the world.

Remember, however, that research into success suggests that building on your own superpowers is more important than creating new ones or overcoming weaknesses. You do you!

Guest Profile

Cody Soodeen:

CEO & Founder, Kara Water Inc

About Kara Water Inc: Kara Water is a desiccant-based air-to-water company that is quickly becoming the brand leader and hopes to revolutionize the drinking water space through our innovative air-to-water technology, which turns air into high-quality drinking water.

Kara Water's mission is crystal clear – provide local access to clean, healthy and reliable drinking water to everyone through air-to-water technology. By continuing to innovate, we aim to make air-to-water technology accessible to all by making our technology affordable. 


Facebook Page:


Other URL:

Biographical Information: Cody Soodeen, co-founder and CEO of Kara Water, grew up drinking well water.

During his teens, the well became contaminated, and his family was forced to switch
to bottled water sources.

Recognizing the high lifetime cost and negative environmental impact of bottled water, he set out to find a permanent solution.

Cody found his unconventional inspiration in the Namib desert beetle, which harvests its water from the air. As a practicing architect, he was able to create a beautiful air-to-water dispenser that produces high-quality water in the simplest way possible.

X/Twitter Handle: @codysoodeenkw


Instagram Handle: @karawaterinc

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