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This Visionary Entrepreneur Is Building the ‘ESPN for Entrepreneurship’ - s11 ep31

This Visionary Entrepreneur Is Building the ‘ESPN for Entrepreneurship’ - s11 ep31

Radivision Founder Mona DeFrawi Is Creating Dedicated Spaces for Women and Black Founders

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Devin: What do you see as your superpower?

Mona: Luckily, I have an answer for you because I asked that question with my advisors a couple of weeks ago. We are all in agreement that my superpower is the ability to see the big picture, and I end up working on these big problems with big solutions.

Mona DeFrawi is a visionary entrepreneur with a high-impact track record, making history with her fourth startup. She describes Radivision as the “ESPN for entrepreneurship.”

“It's more than time for an entire network to focus on the genre of entrepreneurship, and Radivision for the radical visionaries is here to help support the growth of this community and for everyone to understand and participate in the new economy,” she says.

Mona has a grand vision for the network and sees it covering all aspects of the industry. She is working deliberately to keep impact at the center of her work with communities called SHEconomics for women-led companies, and Black Is the New Green for African American-led companies. She explains her vision for those communities, saying:

We're also building communities like SHEeconomics for women founders. We've also started a show and are curating a community for Black is the New Green for Black founders so that more voices are heard, more innovation can come to market, more role models are available so people can see others who are just like them, who are succeeding and finding ways despite a lot of the hurdles that are currently in today's entrepreneurial economy.

What makes Mona unique is her ability to see the big picture in a genuinely visionary way; she’s the sort of person who can see the enormous gap that needs to be filled and then fill it.

AI Episode Summary

  • Mona DeFrawi is the CEO and founder of Radivision, a platform aiming to be the Discovery Channel for entrepreneurs.

  • The platform provides curated content and resources for entrepreneurs, including original series, newsletters, books, and podcasts.

  • Radivision is building communities for women founders (SHEeconomics) and black founders (Black is the New Green) to provide more support and representation in entrepreneurship.

  • They are planning a live conference during Women's History Month in March 2024, featuring female founders, investors, and 100 companies in the Pitch Planet series.

  • Radivision aims to be a platform connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and crowdfunding platforms, helping them find the best opportunities that fit their interests.

  • Mona's superpower is the ability to see the big picture and come up with big solutions to problems facing the venture industry.

  • She has successfully created solutions for the IPO crisis and private markets and now aims to do the same with Radivision.

  • Mona has a unique perspective as an immigrant, questioning rules and thinking outside the box.

  • She believes there is a need for change in the venture industry and is motivated to make a difference.

  • To learn more about Mona and Radivision, visit and or connect with her on LinkedIn.

How to Develop Seeing the Big Picture As a Superpower

As I’ve gotten to know Mona over the past few years, collaborating on SuperCrowd events and chatting for this show, it has become crystal clear that she does have a unique ability to see the big picture. She’s one of those people. The rest of us operate in the world they create.

For instance, she shared a powerful example of her credibility around this topic. As the global economy slid into a recession in 2007, big venture capitalists called on her to organize an event that would bring the venture community back to life, creating a path for initial public offerings (IPOs). The event was a big success.

With that said, it feels particularly urgent for us to learn how to better emulate her ability to see what is generally invisible–to see what isn’t there so we can create it.

Mona offered two essential tips:

First, she says, “Get out of yourself, like, get out of those sides of the box and think about it differently to get the big picture.”

Second, she offers a profound insight: you make the rules! She explains:

I was, you know, a political refugee at age six and lived in several different countries for over a year before my parents made it to the United States. So, I had to learn different languages. During that very critical year, between ages six and seven, I learned that there are no rules. When the Egyptian government told my father, “No, you can't leave the country,” he found a way. That's part of being an entrepreneur, realizing that you're making the rules.

By following Mona’s example and advice, you can expand your vision and improve your ability to see the big picture. With practice, you may develop it as a new superpower that enables you to do more good in the world.

Guest Profile

Mona DeFrawi (she/her):

CEO & Founder, Radivision, Inc.

About Radivision, Inc.: Radivision is the premier streaming network for the Startup World – like an "ESPN for Entrepreneurship" – that entertains, informs, and connects viewers to amazing startups, founders, investors, and their investment and other opportunities. Radivision produces original series, curates resources for a "First Gateway to Entrepreneurship," and is a platform for startups and experts to showcase their own content. 


X (Twitter) Handle: @radivisionTV

Company Facebook Page:

Biographical Information: Mona DeFrawi is a serial entrepreneur who has been a team member of a dozen startup teams and organizations over three decades ––serving as Founder & CEO of the last four – including pioneering the first PrivateMarket platform that restored VC IPOs and liquidity (acquired twice and spun out as the standalone Nasdaq Private Markets in 2021).  Mona has been telling the stories of startups her entire career, and now Radivision tells them at scale while reconnecting consumer audiences and retail investors to the startup ecosystem and its wealth-generation potential. Mona has been recognized as one of Forbes’ “Most Powerful Women in Technology” and as one of the “Top 100 Women in Fintech.”

Mona's career accomplishments also include managing 4 venture-backed IPOs & their investor relations and comms over 10 years; establishing two tech commercialization offices; authoring and lobbying legislation that has delivered over $20B of new VC LP funding; and writing and teaching the first entrepreneurship curriculum at The Johns Hopkins University School of Engineering's pilot business program that launched their business school.

Mona is a humanitarian at heart who believes that entrepreneurship and its equity creation are the most powerful ways to improve the world and grow wealth for everyone.



Instagram Handle: @radivision

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