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Raise Green Helps Changemakers Fund Climate Solutions

Raise Green Helps Changemakers Fund Climate Solutions

CIO Jackie Logan Shares Her Journey to Climate Financier

I’m not a financial advisor; nothing I write in Superpowers for Good should be considered investment advice. You should seek appropriate counsel before making investment decisions. I purchased shares in Raise Green.


Devin: What do you see as your superpower?

Jackie: My work ethic is really my superpower.

Jackie Logan is the co-founder and CIO of Raise Green and one of my favorite humans. Her kindness exceeds her brilliance. I’m excited to have her as an advisor for The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation.

Raise Green is a FINRA-registered crowdfunding portal focused exclusively on climate solutions. Now, Raise Green is raising capital itself via Wefunder.

AI Summary

  • Raise Green is a FINRA-registered crowdfunding platform for the climate tech industry.

  • Its mission is to democratize ownership of the clean energy transition.

  • They are currently crowdfunding on Wefunder.

  • Key elements for successful crowdfunding include a story, financial expectations, and marketing plans.

  • Investors should be thoughtful about their financial goals and use common sense when investing.

  • Jackie Logan's interest in environmental activism stems from family values and an appreciation for nature.

  • Raise Green allows individuals to invest in climate solutions and support the transition from dirty to clean energy.

  • The company aims to create a more inclusive and equitable way of funding climate solutions.

  • Interested individuals should explore Raise Green and become involved in the movement toward climate action.

  • CIO Jackie Logan emphasizes the importance of hard work, collaboration, and a thirst for learning in driving positive change.

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Jackie’s Raise Green Story

Raising Jackie

Jackie’s journey to becoming a leading climate financier requires us to understand a bit about this Wharton MBA who spent at least two decades on Wall Street, working in turns both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Jackie’s parents brought her to the US as a child. “My father escaped the Holocaust.”

“We lived by a few principles: number one, we were very grateful that we were in the United States,” she says Others included hard work, “charity begins at home, be good to your neighbor and educate yourself.”

“While I grew up here in New York City, my summers were on a dairy farm, living off the earth, gardens, etcetera. So, the appreciation of nature and the importance of it,” she says.

In addition, she says, “My uncle was a big environmentalist activist already in the early 60s, picketing in front of the Capitol.”

Prioritizing Climate

“In 2016 or 17, I had the opportunity to see the development of certain ESG strategies and realized that with this looming climate crisis we had, we needed to get private capital moving very quickly directly into climate projects, innovative things that were happening,” Jackie says.

“I just felt that what was available the big public market ESG stuff that was going on—didn't hack it for me,” she says. “My kids are grown. I just decided it was the right time for me to take my 20, 25 years of experience in the capital markets and put it into something that would be directly moving capital directly into climate. And that's exactly what Raise Green is.”

Raise Green isn’t happening in a vacuum. It is just one part of the solution, as Jackie sees it. “We need to attack this from so many angles.”

“With the Inflation Reduction Act and the other two acts that we have recently coming out of the government, the tailwinds are there,” she says.

“Policy is one thing, and actually putting it into action is another,” Jackie says. “We are giving small to medium-sized folks the ability to take financing into their own control, speak to their community and the public and raise capital.”

Raise Green Helps

“What is unique about Raise Green is that we are 100 percent dedicated to climate solutions and clean energy,” Jackie says.

“We work with companies in the climate tech space all the way to folks that are doing climate clean energy projects across the United States who are looking to raise capital—equity or debt—and get them up on our platform and open them up to just about anyone to invest for as little as $100,” she continues.

“Our attitude is, ‘Hey, jump on, click invest, and for as little as $100, you can identify a project or a company that is doing something that speaks to you,” Jackie says. “This is a financial investment, which means that you have the potential for a financial return plus impact at the same time.”

Help Raise Green

“We are a startup ourselves; we've been around since we started in 2018, got our license in 2019 and launched our first offering in July of 2020,” Jackie says, recapping the startup’s five-year journey in a single sentence.

The Raise Green team is currently raising money, much of it via a successful Regulation D campaign only open to wealthy accredited investors. To conduct that offering in harmony with the values they espouse, they decided to add a crowdfunding component.

“We are doing it on Wefunder, which is a B Corp.,” Jackie says, after reminding me that portals aren’t allowed to raise money for themselves on their own platform. She says the team is hoping to raise $100,000 via the Reg CF offering and would welcome up to $500,000 there.

At this writing, the Wefunder campaign stands at almost $77,000. (Wefunder displays the total capital raised under both offerings but makes the crowdfunding portion visible if you click the little “i” for information.)

Importantly, both offerings are made on the same terms, Jackie says. So, an ordinary investor who puts in $100, gets the same deal that someone investing $100,000 in the Reg D offering.

In all of Jackie’s work, she leverages her work ethic as a superpower.

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How to Develop Your Work Ethic As a Superpower

Jackie attributes her work ethic largely to the way she was raised by her parents. It has proven powerful.

She shared an example of how she uses her superpower today:

I'll just use an example of one of the issuers that was on our platform. They weren't the most obvious issuer to come through Raise Green. Three women co-founded a company called Ola Filter. I really mean bright and capable women designing a water filter for developing countries—which you'd say, “Well, you know, why Raise Green?”

And I'll just say that I just saw the opportunity of us—Raise Green and myself—working with them to help them coordinate and pull their paperwork together, etc., etc., really could make the difference between this happening and not.

Yeah, that is one of the experiences that I feel that my rolling up my sleeves, putting the time and effort into something—which is part of my superpower—made something very significant happen. And they're off and running.

Jackie thinks of hard work as comprising respect for others paired with a belief in the possible. Developing a work ethic into a superpower is a mindset.

By following Jackie’s example and her advice, you can make your work ethic into a superpower that enables you to do more good in the world.


Jackie will be speaking at SuperCrowd23, held May 10-11. She’ll be part of a fascinating conversation about experiences with and best practices for crowdfunding investment clubs. Her colleague, Raise Green CEO Franz Hochstrasser, will be part of a panel discussion of ten portal CEOs. Don’t miss a minute!

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