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Expert Guides Purpose-Led Organizations to Build Inclusive Cultures

Expert Guides Purpose-Led Organizations to Build Inclusive Cultures

Kishshana Palmer Says Working to Support Marginalized Communities Allows for Including Everyone

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We recorded this episode in anticipation of airing it on Giving Tuesday; we had to postpone it due to my injury.

Devin: What do you see as your superpower?

Kishshana: My superpower is the ability to see you. So, one of my strengths is individualization.

Kishshana Palmer, founder and CEO of ManageMint, a consulting practice that supports social enterprises, nonprofits and governmental entities, especially schools, joined me to discuss her work.

She shared insights across a range of topics, but I particularly valued her thoughts about a vexing problem I see occasionally in the impact sector. Changemakers–including me, if I’m being honest–sometimes excuse poor activities in one area as justified by the pursuit of the mission.

For example, it isn’t that uncommon for climate change-focused folks to get caught failing to adequately consider the impact of their work on disadvantaged communities. Solar panels are commonly sold to affluent folks who can afford it. It makes perfect sense on the one hand but excludes or ignores less wealthy folks' desire to go green, too.

Kishshana says, “When you design for marginalized groups, you almost always design for everyone.” By working to help those who might have the most difficulty being a part of what you’re doing, you ensure that everyone can. You expand your audience.

She likes to apply the principle across the board, from volunteers, employees and board members to the folks you serve and others who may be impacted directly or indirectly by your work.

Kishshana has built her success in part by leveraging her superpower–her ability to see individuals.

AI Episode Summary

  • Kishshana Palmer is a leader in the world of nonprofit social enterprise and the CEO, founder, and leader of ManageMint.

  • ManageMint is a people-focused, equity-centered change management consulting firm that helps organizations run better, achieve their goals, and take care of their employees.

  • Kishshana emphasizes the importance of celebrating Giving Tuesday by supporting and investing in local nonprofit organizations.

  • She believes in the power of seeing and understanding individuals, which is her superpower.

  • Kishshana coaches organizations to cope with the inherent stress of working on big problems by helping them focus on their purpose and long-term plans.

  • She encourages organizations to include equity and inclusion in their mission and to design for marginalized groups, as this often benefits everyone.

  • Kishshana shares a specific example of using her superpower to turn around a challenging organization by getting to know the team and their needs, redesigning job descriptions, and promoting from within.

  • She advises people to focus on their own wellness and understanding their own strengths and weaknesses before trying to see and understand others.

  • To learn more about Kishshana's work, visit or connect with her on social media at @KishshanaPalmer.

  • Kishshana's work makes a difference by helping nonprofits and social enterprises be more effective in their work, ultimately benefiting the people they serve.

How to Develop Seeing Individuals As a Superpower

Kishshana shared the story of working with a troubled impact organization. Folks hadn’t had raises in years, turnover was increasing, and disengagement was rising.

She came into the organization with an eye toward getting to know each person and helping to find or define a role that would suit them, allowing them all to feel greater self-actualization in the work.

That story illustrates the power of seeing individuals. The organization benefited from having everyone individually fill a role that matched their skills, passions and abilities.

To learn to see others, Kishshana says a key is to see yourself more completely and objectively, recommending that you form a personal board of advisors. You need to learn to see how your own behavior contributes to challenges in team dynamics.

As you begin to look at others, it is essential to look past the surface and focus on motivations, like dreams and passions, that underlie people's actions. Kishshana says that when you adapt your approach to individuals, you can be more effective.

By following Kishshana’s example and advice, you can see individuals more effectively. With time and practice, you could make it a superpower that enables you to do more good in the world.

Remember, however, that research into success suggests that building on your own superpowers is more important than creating new ones or overcoming weaknesses. You do you!

Guest Profile

Kishshana Palmer (she/her):

Founder and CEO of ManageMint; CFRE, Board Advisor for Bloomerang, Bloomerang 

About Bloomerang: Indianapolis-based Bloomerang is the complete donor relationship management solution that helps thousands of small and medium-sized nonprofits deliver a better giving experience and create stable, thriving organizations. Combining robust, simple-to-use technology with people-powered support and training, Bloomerang empowers nonprofits to work efficiently, improve their donor relationships and grow their donor bases. With Bloomerang, nonprofit professionals love their work and have another teammate in the cause.


Twitter Handle: @bloomerangTech

Company Facebook Page:

Biographical Information: Kishshana Palmer is an international speaker, trainer, and coach with a 20+ year background in fundraising, marketing, and talent management who helps leaders create high-performing teams.

Kishshana is CEO of ManageMint (formerly known as Kishshana & Co.), a leadership consulting firm with a focus in strategy, management and growth. As Founder and CEO, Kishshana works with CEOs, senior leadership teams, organizations, companies and solo entrepreneurs who are looking for real-world solutions and an authentic high-impact experience.

She advises social enterprise, non-profit and education management (government) organizational boards & senior leaders on organizational design and scale, strategic visioning, funding, talent management & leadership development in the sector. This includes interim leadership assignments and diversity, equity and inclusion training, as well as targeted coaching and professional development.

As a sought-after strategist, speaker, trainer and coach, she combines “book smarts” with real-world expertise and pop-culture savvy to create the unforgettable cocktail that drives innovation and organizational success. This includes key lessons in planning big-picture organizational vision and targeted talent development using core management principles. She has served as a speaker, panelist and conference keynote, including engagements with: Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), OneCause, Bloomerang, US Olympic Committee, Boys and Girls Club of America, Meals on Wheels, AFP ICON, Comcast, Disney and IFC to name a few.

She is the founder of The Rooted Collaborative — a global community focused on the growth and development of women leaders of color in the social sector. She’s the host of the podcast “Let’s Take This Offline,” an adjunct professor at Baruch College, a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer (CGT), A Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a Q3LC Certified Coach and an AFP Master Trainer. When an organization wants to grow, find and retain people on their team, raise money, and more, she is the fairy godmother they have on speed dial. Kishshana also coaches high-performing leaders.

Kishshana is an NYC girl and mother of one wonderful teenage daughter. Kishshana is the epitome of your classic 90’s Queens homegirl and quintessential corner office executive. She is your daily dose of Claire Huxtable with a side of Blanche Devereaux.

Twitter Handle: @kishshanapalmer

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Instagram Handle: @kishshanapalmer

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