Jun 26, 2019 • 21M

'What's Not Wrong With The Government?' Asks Activist With A Plan to Fix It - #1122

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Devin Thorpe
Some of the world's great changemakers join host Devin Thorpe to share leadership lessons you can use to increase your impact.
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Never miss another interview! Join Devin here: http://bit.ly/joindevin. Read the full Forbes article and watch the interview here: http://bit.ly/2YlyK29. When I asked Josh Silver, co-founder and director of RepresentUs, to tell us what is wrong with politics in America, he responded with a question of his own. “Devin, what’s not wrong with the government?” He cites a Princeton paper that concludes, in Silver’s words, “the average American has a statistically insignificant effect on public policy. Laws written supposedly for the benefit of the American people, in reality, are written by and for special interests and lobbyists.” “America’s political crisis has reached a breaking point. Our laws are no longer determined by civil discourse, evidence-based policymaking, or the will of the people,” he says. It may not sound like it, but Silver is an optimist. He thinks we can fix what is wrong with the system. “All is not lost,” he says, noting that a movement began to take hold four years ago. Click the following link to learn my insider secrets to media publicity for social impact: http://bit.ly/75offmedia.