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The Story of Tampon Tribe From Endometriosis to Crowdfunding - s11 ep06

The Story of Tampon Tribe From Endometriosis to Crowdfunding - s11 ep06

CEO Jennifer Eden Shares the History of the Rapidly-Growing Company That Is Changing the World

Devin: What do you see as your superpower?

Jennifer: It's a combination of tenacity and resilience.

Experiencing endometriosis led Jennifer Eden to launch Tampon Tribe. “I just found that having this excruciating pain every month just got too much to bear. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to live.”

Properly motivated, she began her work. “I started researching and found that a lot of the toxins and chemicals that are in period products, even some organic ones, could actually be exacerbating the situation.”

“My business partner [Gabriela “Gaby” Alves] and I found that we could manufacture totally certified organic cotton period products with no toxins, with no bleaches, that were good for people's bodies,” Jennifer says. “At the same time, the sustainability revolution was right in front of us. Both I and my co-founder Gaby are so passionate about our planet. We thought, ‘Could we do this, make products that don't have plastics?’ So, Tampon Tribe was born.

Throughout the short history of Tampon Tribe, crowdfunding has been a key to success. She explains:

It's made a massive impact on our growth. I mean, it just stands to reason when you have a product like ours, a CPG, impact-focused product, you know that you need a community behind you to grow. 

So, from our very, very first Indiegogo campaign all the way up. We've done three Wefunder rounds now and an SMBX round. We just have this amazing community. It's our tribe, and that's how we built the company.

Another key to success has been Jennifer’s superpower, tenacity.

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AI Episode Summary

  • Jennifer Eden is the co-founder and CEO of Tampon Tribe, an organic cotton period product company.

  • Tampon Tribe started after Jennifer experienced pain from endometrial endometriosis and wanted to create healthier and environmentally-friendly products.

  • The company started with tampons and expanded to include pads, liners, menstrual cups, and period underwear.

  • Tampon Tribe has experienced significant financial success, with an average year-on-year growth of 486% for the first four years.

  • The company has also found success in the B2B space, supplying products to co-working spaces, businesses, and hotels.

  • Tampon Tribe has a strong community and has utilized crowdfunding to support its growth and impact.

  • Jennifer sees her superpower as a combination of tenacity and resilience.

  • Her biggest accomplishments are the support and belief from people who have invested in and supported Tampon Tribe.

  • Jennifer emphasizes the importance of balance, taking rest, and having a sense of humor while building a company.

  • To learn more about Tampon Tribe, visit their website, sign up for their direct mail program, and follow them on social media. They are also available on Amazon and in local grocery and boutique stores.

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How to Develop Tenacity As a Superpower

Jennifer sees the big victories in the small things that result from her tenacity and resilience. 

When you see someone that says, “I put in …” $100, $500, whatever it is, “into your campaign,” that really blew both myself and my business partner away, that people believe in us. It's very humbling. I don't know if that's the right answer, but an incident like that, for me, surpasses these great wins or a large contract. 

I mean, of course, getting distribution. Amazing. Getting into our first retail store–amazing, like huge, large milestones that I could talk about or [getting] into these hotels or the businesses that we're in. 

But, when you think about it, it's the support from people you respect and admire that speaks volumes. That, in turn, shows the recognition by them of your little superpower and continues it. It's like it fuels that fire.

Jennifer offers some tips for strengthening your tenacity:

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, even when tackling serious issues.

  • Take care of yourself, rest, spend time with family and friends or take a walk.

  • Be efficient. You don’t have to do more; just be efficient.

  • Believe in what you’re doing and in yourself.

  • Keep going and have some fun!

You can make tenacity a strength by following Jennifer’s example and advice. Over time, you may be able to make it a superpower that enables you to do more good in the world.

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Guest-Provided Profile

Jennifer Eden (she/her): Co-Founder / CEO, Tampon Tribe

About Tampon Tribe:


Twitter Handle: @tampontribe

Company Facebook Page:

Biographical Information:

An entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer is an internationally-awarded marketer, business leader and broadcaster. Beginning her career in Australia and working as a live news anchor, journalist and broadcaster both there and in China, Jennifer is no stranger to making very quick decisions under extreme pressure. She founded, grew and exited two businesses in Beijing and has led several marketing teams from business inception to exit. Jen was awarded Women in Business in Asia’s MarCom Director of the Year and graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Communication and Marketing degree and a triple major in economics, politics and sociology. Jen is a fast problem solver, is quick to pivot and has worked extensively leading results-driven teams in sales, management, marketing and communication.

Twitter Handle: @Jen90545305

Personal Facebook Profile:


Instagram Handle: @tampontribe @jen_eden

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