Jun 28, 2019 • 26M

Rebranding At M·A·C Viva Glam Fund Explicitly Focuses On LGBTQ Equality To Boost HIV Fight - #1123

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Devin Thorpe
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Never miss another interview! Join Devin here: http://bit.ly/joindevin. Read the full Forbes article and watch the interview here: http://bit.ly/2RFxWCH. Due to improved treatments, the number of annual HIV infections in the U.S. declined steadily for years until about 2013, but the latest statistics at HIV.gov show no improvement since. About 39,000 people annually are infected. One of the leading players in the fight to eradicate AIDS has been the M·A·C AIDS Fund, which recently rebranded as the M·A·C Viva Glam Fund, redoubling its efforts to fight AIDS by focusing more on LGBTQ equality. Over the past 25 years, the fund has raised and spent over $500 million. All the money comes from the sale of Viva Glam lipstick products where 100% of proceeds go directly to the fund to fight HIV/AIDS. Nancy Mahon, Estée Lauder’s senior vice president of global corporate citizenship and global executive director for the M·A·C Viva Glam Fund, explains the strategy shift—the theory of change—that motivated the rebranding. Click the following link to learn my insider secrets to media publicity for social impact: http://bit.ly/75offmedia.