Sep 30, 2019 • 19M

Impact Investor Focuses On Improving Lives In Haiti - #1164

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Devin Thorpe
Some of the world's great changemakers join host Devin Thorpe to share leadership lessons you can use to increase your impact.
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Marc Blumenthal joins me to talk about Social Ventures Foundation’s work in launching V’ice in Haiti. V’ice is basically a snow cone with added nutrition. These sorts of products are popular in Haiti and V’ice is both superior and price competitive. It is intended to be sold by microfranchisees so the profits mostly stay in the community. Interview with Marc Blumenthal, the Executive Director of Social Ventures Foundation. The following is the pre-interview with Marc Blumenthal. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above. For-profit/Nonprofit: 501(c)3 Nonprofit Revenue model: Grants, revenues and Social Impact Investment Scale: The Social Ventures Foundation is currently scaling V'ice in Haiti from its first Hub which is currently providing jobs for 8 Haitians in Management, MicroFranchising and manufacturing. An additional 20 MicroFranchisees will be added this Fall. Over 20,000 V’ice cones and V’bars (protein bars made from locally sourced corn flakes and peanuts) have been sold with additional projected sales of over 75,000 V’ice cones and V’bars this Fall. Both products are sold at affordable prices for the poor --10 gourds (10 cents) for V’ice and 5 Gourds (5 cents) for V’bars. Revenues reflect these prices. Never miss another interview! Join Devin here: