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Empowering Doctors to Rediscover Their Passion and Purpose

David Tamale-Sali Of Okay Doctor Works to Transform Healthcare by Helping Medics Find Fulfillment Beyond the Medical Profession

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Devin: What is your superpower?

David: Going through very embarrassing and shameful experiences and coming out the other side. It's given me empathy and being and the ability to see across cultures, across boundaries.

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with David Tamale-Sali, the founder of Okay Doctor. David’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Starting with a childhood ambition to become a doctor, his path took unexpected turns that ultimately led him to create Okay Doctor, a platform dedicated to helping doctors navigate their careers and find fulfillment, whether within or beyond the medical profession.

David's story is one of resilience and adaptability. He shared how the rigid expectations of medical school and the healthcare system often leave doctors feeling trapped and unfulfilled. This realization inspired him to create Okay Doctor, initially a blog and forum for doctors to share their frustrations and seek guidance. Over time, it has evolved into a community focused on empowering medics to explore their identities beyond their profession.

One key idea that stood out during our conversation was David’s belief that the healthcare system would be more effective if it were staffed by individuals who chose to be there out of passion rather than necessity. He drew a powerful analogy, comparing the ideal healthcare system to a healthy marriage, where partners choose to be together rather than being codependent. David emphasized, “Any system built upon one person being dependent on the other... is fundamentally flawed.”

David's mission with Okay Doctor is not just to help doctors leave the profession but to help them rediscover their passion and purpose. He pointed out that many doctors find new careers that align with their personal interests, sometimes even within the medical field but in non-clinical roles. He noted, “There are doctors who say, ‘I’ve always wanted to be a baker,’ and they start a bakery, still caring for people but through a different medium.”

In essence, David advocates for a paradigm shift in how we view medical careers, encouraging doctors to bet on themselves and follow their true passions. This transformation, he believes, will lead to a more fulfilled and effective healthcare workforce. As we concluded our conversation, David shared his hope that Okay Doctor would eventually become redundant as more medics found the courage to pursue their true calling.

Today’s discussion with David Tamale-Sali was both enlightening and inspiring. His vision for a more compassionate and fulfilled medical community is a testament to the impact of following one’s passion. If you missed this episode, I encourage you to catch up and join the conversation on how we can support our doctors in finding true fulfillment in their careers and lives.


1. Introduction and Guest Background: The episode features David Tamale-Sali, the founder of Okay Doctor. David discusses his unconventional career path, including studying medicine, getting expelled, traveling to Uganda, and ultimately creating Okay Doctor, a platform aimed at helping medics manage career frustrations and find fulfillment.

2. Mission of Okay Doctor: Initially an app idea, Okay Doctor evolved into a platform providing counseling and support for medics. Its primary mission is to empower doctors to explore their identities beyond their profession, mitigating issues like burnout, frustration, and mental health challenges by providing alternative career options and support forums.

3. Challenges in the Medical Field: David describes significant challenges faced by medical professionals, including administrative burdens, long hours, lack of fulfillment, and mental health crises. He emphasizes that some doctors feel trapped in their careers, contributing to high rates of burnout and even suicide.

4. Empathy as a Superpower: David talks about his superpower, empathy, which was developed through personal struggles, including being kicked out of med school and working various jobs. This empathy allows him to see beyond professional titles and understand the human behind the role, helping him connect with and support other medics effectively.

5. Future and Support for Medics: David's goal for Okay Doctor is to give medics the confidence to follow their true passions, whether that means staying in medicine with a better work-life balance or pursuing entirely new careers. He hopes Okay Doctor will eventually become unnecessary as medics learn to navigate their careers and identities independently. He encourages those interested to visit to access resources and join the discussion.

How to Develop Empathy As a Superpower

David’s superpower is his profound empathy, which he developed through overcoming personal challenges and experiences of shame. This empathy allows him to connect deeply with others, understanding their struggles and offering support in meaningful ways.

David's empathy shines through in his creation of the Medic S.O.S. project. One night, he noticed a distressed medic on a private forum and quickly offered comforting advice and steps to manage the situation. This compassionate act inspired David to compile similar advice from various medics into a book aimed at helping others facing burnout and overwhelm. The project was completed in just 45 days and launched on Christmas Day, highlighting his dedication to supporting his peers.

Tips for Developing Empathy:

  1. Engage with Different Perspectives: Actively listen to people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to understand their feelings and viewpoints.

  2. Reflect on Personal Experiences: Use your own challenges and emotions as a basis to connect with others’ struggles.

  3. Practice Active Listening: Show genuine interest in others’ stories, validating their feelings without judgment.

  4. Offer Support: When someone is in need, provide help and advice based on your own experiences and understanding.

By following David Tamale-Sali’s example and advice, you can make empathy a skill. With practice and effort, you could make it a superpower that enables you to do more good in the world.

Remember, however, that research into success suggests that building on your own superpowers is more important than creating new ones or overcoming weaknesses. You do you!

Guest Profile

David Tamale-Sali (he/him):

Founder of Okay Doctor

About Okay Doctor: Okay Doctor is a transformative platform dedicated to empowering medical professionals to transition out of clinical practice and explore new career paths. Founded by David Tamale-Sali, a former medic turned writer and musician, Okay Doctor offers a blend of practical advice, inspiring stories, and actionable strategies to help medics redefine their professional and personal lives. Through insightful articles, personal anecdotes, and expert interviews, we aim to challenge the status quo of healthcare and education, advocating for a life of fulfillment beyond traditional medical careers. Join us to discover how to leverage your medical expertise in innovative and impactful ways and be part of a global movement reshaping the future of medics worldwide.


Company Facebook Page:

Other URL:

Biographical Information: In the spring of 2003, David Tamale-Sali [surname pronounced: Tah Mah Lay Sah Lee] attended a surprisingly life-changing lecture and then four months later found himself kicked out of Medical School at the start of resitting his third year.

He then spent the next two decades off the beaten path, having experiences such as summarising patient Medical notes in a GP surgery, selling products on the high street for a Hollywood makeup artist, freelance copywriting, raising a family whilst on benefits, hosting a Franchising podcast, being blackmailed by his Dad into going back to medical school, getting kicked out of Medical school during Lockdown…all while continuing to encourage distressed and frustrated Medics from around the world via email, private forums, his blog at and his recently published book, Medic S.O.S, available for free at:

David is married with 7 kids, a writer/bass player, and an encourager of all Medics looking to enjoy an abundant life: Spirit, Soul and Body.

X/Twitter Handle: @savedali


Instagram Handle: @okaydoctor17

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