Jun 14, 2019 • 23M

Don’t Fear The Bots--Fear The Humans Who Control Them - #1116

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Devin Thorpe
Some of the world's great changemakers join host Devin Thorpe to share leadership lessons you can use to increase your impact.
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Never miss another interview! Join Devin here: http://bit.ly/joindevin. Eleonore Pauwels, a research fellow on emerging cybertechnologies at the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, recently published a report highlighting the threats and opportunities for global policy makers. The threats should scare you. It isn’t that the machines will take over; rather, it is that people can use AI maliciously and in ways we cannot detect. For instance, people can use AI to make a CT scan convincingly appear to show a healthy person has a cancerous tumor. Imagine what could be done to your credit rating or your bank account--or to everyone’s credit rating or bank account at once. Conversely, AI can be used to improve peace and conflict resolution efforts, she says. By monitoring public radio communications in local languages using AI trained translation tools, threats can be identified and addressed earlier. Click the following link to learn my insider secrets to media publicity for social impact: http://bit.ly/75offmedia.