Here's the thing: abortion is the deliberate killing of an unborn LIFE! It is murder and murder is always wrong. Do you not realize what a teeny tiny percentage of pregnancies are the result of tape or incest? (Look it up!) And how exactly do you define viability? I think you are grossly confused. Women don't "find out" that their babies aren't viable. No babies are viable until a certain stage of pregnancy when they can survive outside of their mothers' wombs.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is LIFE! He came that we might have LIFE and have it more abundantly. He said exactly ZERO about drinking coffee or tea (or soda!) but He said a whole lot about life. He also spoke a lot about the religious hypocrites of his day who did all these religious "things" to look good on the outside yet inside their hearts were dead towards God.

God is love! Jesus said the number one commandment was to love God with all of your heart and soul and mind. He also said to love your neighbor as yourself. An unborn baby is about as close of a neighbor as a woman can ever have. It lives INSIDE of her unless she chooses to murder it. Murder is NOT love and murder will NEVER be the solution to anyone's problems no matter how desperate the situation might seem. (Assuming you will not do the research, approximately 98% of abortions are done solely for the convenience of the mother or father of the baby and many of these abortions are coerced by the father or other family members. We kill babies for convenience!!!)

May I assume you are actually anti-murder?

Please turn to Jesus who is the Truth! Your "religious practices" and beliefs will get you nowhere. Jesus is the only Way to the Father. He is the only Truth, and He is LIFE!

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The issue lies in the first line. Your belief that an unborn fetus is indeed life. I guess I am a rarity where I don't pretend to hold a definitive yes/no answer, but it seems that many people do not believe it as such.

They have good reasons not to, and you have good reasons to say yes. This is why it's an eternal debate and always will be.

Everything else that follows is very condescending, uses stawman arguments and does not help your cause (again, I hold no position). Obviously he and every other pro-choicer is anti-murder.

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Sorry, I obviously meant rape* or incest!

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